When it comes to operational efficiency, a mobile network testing system’s management and usability are equally important as its reliability and accuracy.

Say, for example, when monitoring and optimizing network performance and service quality. A continuous stream of the most accurate data is imperative. But the collected information is only as good as its assessment and management.

A smart monitoring application offers the most comprehensive overview of the current network situation in real-time. Reliable and easy to use, it can save a lot of time and resources in the field. What other specific requirements must it fulfill to translate into operational efficiency?

  • For one, communication between the installed probes and the controlling back-end must be fast and secure. Network failures or drops in service quality must be immediately recognized and communicated via alarms.
  • Just as important is the quality of the transmitted information. It should reflect the true end-user perception in real-time, 24/7, and without fault.
  • The system must be intuitive and manageable with as little training as possible. Only then, can telecom personnel focus more on taking immediate action and less on finding the impeding issue.
  • To further reduce operational costs, probes that are installed in moving or fixed locations need to be remotely controlled, easily configured, and accessible from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Network supervisors or other monitoring systems should be alarmed via multiple interfaces such as SMS, e-mail, JSON, or SNMP.
operational efficiency

SmartMonitor: dashboard depicting test details

Web-based for more operational efficiency

It’s understood that R&S mobile network testing always aims to lead by example. That’s why we invest in and drive new approaches that cater to operators’ and providers’ most pressing needs. For monitoring network performance and quality of service from a real end-user perspective, the controlling and monitoring application SmartMonitor exceeds those requirements.

It is web-based and can be installed on any application server on the customer IT premises or in the cloud. With drag & drop job configuration, real-time map-based information, and an intuitive and adaptive user interface with dedicated dashboards and filter options, SmartMonitor facilitates operation and navigation, letting users find information with just a few clicks. And thanks to its responsive design, SmartMonitor is also ideal for use on tablets and smartphones as it automatically adapts its layout to the screen size.

The web-based monitoring application is the comprehensive back-end solution of our targeted monitoring and optimization product QualiPoc Android Probe.