With the provision of robust wireless connectivity to people and machines becoming a critical element, a new way of efficiently and independently monitoring the network 24/7 is required. Service quality monitoring empowers businesses and government organizations to independently verify the performance of their network in real time and 24/7.

Organizations that rely on the availability, capacity, and latency of the mobile network to support their operations, for example, logistics companies and manufacturing facilities, or ensure its safety, for example, hospitals, airports, and power plants have historically depended on service level compliance reports delivered by the network provider itself, usually once per month.

Traditionally, network performance issues are notified to the client by the operator in the next monthly report. With service quality monitoring, however, enterprises and organizations can verify network performance themselves while operators can demonstrate they are delivering the services they are being paid for.

Service quality monitoring applications

As the interactive map below demonstrates, a comprehensive service quality monitoring can be realized by establishing a network of fixed or mobile probes and then managing their operation, configuring the tests of network performance KPIs and services such as voice, data, and video. Hover your cursor over the map and find out how service quality monitoring can benefit your operation.

Service quality monitoring