The testing and benchmarking of mobile networks has reached an unprecedented level of complexity. Considering the rapid technological advancements and continuous introduction of new technologies, such as IoT, 4×4 MIMO and soon 5G, it is very likely that network complexity will continue to increase. To better address current and future network testing challenges, we launched a unique partner program. Hanspeter Bobst, Vice President of Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing (MNT), explains the motivations behind the MNT Certified Partner Program in an interview.

MNT Team: Mr. Bobst, what is the Rohde & Schwarz MNT Certified Partner Program?

Hanspeter Bobst: The program aims to strengthen collaboration with selected business partners in the fields of testing service providers and service companies. It brings us, the equipment vendor, closer to the service provider and vice versa. In the end, mobile network operators will benefit the most from these concerted efforts.

MNT Team: How so?

Hanspeter Bobst: Operators who outsource their benchmarking and testing activities to a service provider will want to ensure their partner’s expertise at all levels: from understanding the technology and used measurement solutions to setting up targeted campaigns, and from applying the appropriate methodologies to generating meaningful reports and advising on further action. Our program lets operators do business with a partner who has the consolidated expertise of the service provider and equipment vendor.

The program is based on consistent mutual knowledge transfer. This top-down and bottom-up communication approach benefits mobile network operators for three main reasons: First, it gives us a firmer understanding of the operator’s needs and lets us better incorporate these into the development of new solutions. Second, it ensures the full implementation of our testing solutions’ exclusive functionalities and features. Third, it allows operators to reach conclusions about their network in less time and with fewer costs.

MNT Team: How do you make sure that all relevant information is passed on?

Hanspeter Bobst: Certified partners are actively involved in the development process. They participate in international business and market alignment meetings and are involved in defining product and feature roadmaps. Consequently, they have early access to new products and features for in-market and test use. These exclusive insights not only reduce new solutions’ overall time to market. Certified partners also get a crucial competitive edge and mobile operators the advantage of being able to adopt new technologies first.

MNT Team: Why is this program necessary?

Hanspeter Bobst: Networks today are very complex. There has basically been an explosion in network complexity. In line with the increasingly diverse and sophisticated RF ecosystem, the testing and benchmarking of mobile networks has reached an unfamiliar level of complexity. It is just this complexity that the program aims to mitigate by addressing with a more holistic approach the challenges mobile network operators face when testing their network.



Visit the Certified Partner Program website to learn more about the program and our newest certified partners.