Say, you’re a field engineer working for a service provider or mobile network operator, and you’ve just been assigned to conduct an ad hoc drive test campaign to analyze voice and data services. The location of the networks to be verified and benchmarked, however, requires you to take a plane and rent a car locally.

In most cases, a costly and time-consuming endeavor – considering the money spent for shipping your equipment via courier and having it installed and customized at a local garage. So, why not check the complete system in for free, set it up yourself, and start your drive test campaign immediately?

That’s what we at Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing thought, when engineering the Benchmarker II Go. Using the same base components, it is the lightweight version of the industry’s leading mobile network testing system, the Benchmarker II. Yet, to cut service providers’ or mobile operators’ costs for logistics and transport, the Benchmarker II Go has been optimized for ad hoc measurement campaigns at remote locations.

The Benchmarker II Go is flexible and highly scalable and modular. The standard configuration of the Benchmarker II Go includes:

  • up to 8 smartphones
  • one computer module rack with two computer slide-in modules
  • a controlling unit (laptop)

Benchmarker II Go

Optimized for ad hoc drive test campaigns, the Benchmarker II Go benchmarking system features a:

  • robust and lightweight carrying case based on proven military technology
  • satellite bag for the controlling laptop to take on board as carry-on luggage
  • trolley for easy and comfortable transportation

Benchmarker II Go

Its weight and dimensions are compatible with international flight regulations, and it features cleverly devised mechanisms that make the installation in virtually any vehicle a piece of cake. Powering the system up? Plug it into a standard car cigarette lighter socket. Precabled with up to 8 commercially available and unmodified smartphones, you now can run the measurements with the system tucked away in its robust transport case in the trunk of your car.

Also called the flexible benchmarking system, the Benchmarker II Go is highly scalable and modular, allowing multiple configurations. It can easily be extended, based on customer specific requirements, and is compatible with other Diversity products.

Read more about its many other exclusives and download the brochure.