Author: Michael Lorenz

Michael Lorenz's ambition is to be a pioneer. The Senior Applications Engineer is always keen to put his hands on the latest technologies and features. When Michael entered the field of mobile communications 15 years ago, Vodafone Germany had just implemented its first 3G test network. After many fundamental research and optimization projects, the technical adventurer with a PhD in physics moved on to Vodafone Group where he shared his expertise as trainer in more than 20 markets. Stimulated more by the "why" than the "what", Michael sees himself playing with NB-IoT today and with 5G tomorrow.

By | July 4, 2018 | 19,144 views

How 4×4 MIMO can boost your mobile network

The inexorable demand for more mobile data volume requires ever-higher capacities in radio mobile networks. Network densification and the introduction of new frequencies could be solutions, but both are time-consuming and cost intensive. The implementation of higher-order MIMO features into existing radio networks, however, will boost peak data rates throughout the network and deliver an additional capacity gain. 4×4 MIMO…

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