Author: Magnus Hylén

Mobile network technologies don’t cease to amaze Magnus Hylén. The Technology Product Manager has been exploring mobile network technologies throughout his professional life – from first generation automatic analog voice networks to today’s 4G multimedia networks. An engineer at heart, Magnus feels compelled to innovate and improve mobile network testing products that facilitate our customers’ everyday tasks. After almost 3 decades in the telco industry, Magnus finds himself mesmerized again and again by the process of innovation, including confusion and headaches at the start and clarity and tangible results at the end.

By | September 4, 2017 | 3,379 views

NB-IoT: field report with results from NB-IoT UE measurements (part 3)

After the overview of IoT technologies with a focus on NB-IoT and the discussion about why scanners are a must for NB-IoT coverage measurements, part 3 of this blog series is a field report describing key results that can be obtained by using NB-IoT user equipment as data collection tools. For this, we connected pre-commercial NB-IoT modules and modems to…

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