Author: Gregor Tomic

“Since my first day at the University of Zagreb, radio communications technologies have been in my blood”, says Gregor Tomic who earned his master’s degree magna cum laude in electrical engineering and computing. Carrying out global projects in radio network optimization at Ericsson and consulting for the DACH region at Accenture stirred his blood even more and sharpened his focus further. As Product Manager for R&S ROMES4 and the network performance analyzer (NPA), Gregor blogs about 5G and NB-IoT.

By | November 21, 2018 | 1,656 views

NB-IoT: how to find NB-IoT carriers in the spectrum (part 6)

Identifying NB-IoT carriers with a pure RF power scan is very difficult and sometimes impossible. After describing the benefits of NB-IoT MIB/SIB demodulation in the previous NB-IoT post, this post discusses the challenges in identifying NB-IoT carriers in the spectrum and offers solutions. The extended Automatic Channel Detection (ACD) feature finds and identifies NB-IoT carriers automatically and display the findings…

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