Author: Filippo Meloni

Filippo Meloni, Product Manager, is responsible for our drive test benchmarking solutions such as Benchmarker II Go and TCM. He’s always on top of the latest technology trends in the telecommunications industry – if not a step ahead. Defining, shaping, and marketing a great product is a passion. Working in one of the most dynamic and competitive fields, he's fueled by the challenge of best matching product requirements with customer needs.

By | November 15, 2016 | 1,009 views

Cut costs and save time benchmarking at remote locations

Say, you’re a field engineer working for a service provider or mobile network operator, and you’ve just been assigned to conduct an ad hoc drive test campaign to analyze voice and data services. The location of the networks to be verified and benchmarked, however, requires you to take a plane and rent a car locally. In most cases, a costly…

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